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Octa is rated #1 of 988 for Forex Broker in Singapore
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Octa allows online trading for Singaporeans. It is completely legal and safe to trade there. Octa is currently one of the top rated platforms, ranked #1 out of 988 in our list of Singapore Forex broker with a rating of 9.8/10. Here are a few reasons that Octa is so well regarded:
  • 230+ tradable symbols including Forex, Indices and Metals
  • 11 years on the market and 150 countries covered
  • Rated the best Global Broker Asia for 2022
  • 500:1 maximum leverage
Overall Octa is an excellent choice for Singapore clients. We have a valuable offer for you: 50% Bonus for Octa! If you're still not convinced to give it a try, you can find more information, offers, and detailed rankings for Octa here: Review of Octa.
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#1 Alternative in Singapore for Octa

  • TitanFX facilitates transactions with diverse payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, and Skrill
  • Access advanced tools for market analysis, enhancing trading strategies effectively
  • TitanFX offers dedicated support through live chat, phone, and email channels.
  • Scalable platform architecture ensures reliability even during high-volume trading periods.

#3 Rated Best Singapore Broker

  • Over 350,000 Accounts Open Since 2010, 140 Employees Globally
  • Winner of 18 Industry Awards
  • Free Monthly Contests to Enter and Win Cash Prizes
  • 4-Tier Loyalty Program

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